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There are many features which make Atlas Copco blowers reliable and allow them to have a longer life expectancy than a lobe blower:

  • Direct drive increases the element life compared to belt drive.
  • The optimal oil system design maintains a lower oil temperature and keeps the oil clean, leading to longer lifetime of bearings and gears and lower service costs.
  • The Atlas Copco oil-free rotary screws are internally coated to ensure maximum efficiency of the blower is maintained throughout its life. The coating provides protection to the element from the possibility of internal rusting.
  • The ZS element comes with a 5 years manufacturer's warranty.

Guaranteed Free Air Delivery

Atlas Copco's ZS blowers are performance tested according to ISO 1217, Annex C, latest edition - a performance standard that requires the blower package performance to be stated at the blower's outlet flanges and not the blower inlet flange, i.e. a free air delivered figure (FAD).

This guarantees you get the volume of air to your process you require. Differences between intake and outlet flow are substantial!

Atlas Copco provides the blower package power requirement. This takes into account all power losses within the blower package, e.g. motor drive, cooling fans, controls, inverter drive and all auxiliary equipment : a true Wire to Air power requirement.

Flexibility & Energy Efficiency

You can have both process flexibility and energy savings with an Atlas Copco rotary screw blower!

Our ZS VSD blowers have a high turndown providing total flexibility to your process whilst remaining energy efficient. This means that whether your plant needs more air at peak times or less air in a quiet period, you still get full energy efficiency from the blower.

Energy Savings & Lower TCO

Energy savings can amount to 80% of the Life Cycle Costs of a blower. Atlas Copco screw blowers have been independently tested by TUV and by many customers, and have proven to reduce energy costs by 30% and above when compared to lobe blower technology.

  • Over 90% of blower installations have substantial variations in air demand. By using variable speed drive technology, even greater energy savings can be made.
  • Screw blowers have direct drive, which is proven to be more efficient than belt drive. Since replacement belts and pulleys will never be needed, your service costs are reduced and uptime is increased.
  • The ZS screw blower has been designed to reduce pressure drops and air turbulence throughout its internal air flow path, which means that it needs less power to deliver a specified flow.

Ask us about charitable donations based on your energy savings achieved!

Guaranteed Oil-Free Air

Atlas Copco's proven Class 0 oil-free certified (ISO 8573-1) rotary screw technology results in blowers that provide 100% pure, clean air, thus eliminating the risk of process contamination.

Try before you buy!

With 50 years of experience in oil-free compressor technology, and thousands of units running successfully across the world, we are confident that our oil-free rotary screw blowers provide the best solution for the clean water and wastewater sectors.

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